Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bloomin' Mile

This weekend has been the annual Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester.  We were all out of school on Friday to get ready for the festivities.  Our first item on the To Do list was the Bloomin' Mile.  Brad and Wyatt have run it many times, but this year Tiv joined them.
They were each in a different age group.  Travis was in the 6-7 year olds, Wyatt was in the 10-11 years and Brad was in the 12-14.
I love technology because it now allows for us to see their times as soon as their heat is closed.  So here are their times:
kid                             place in age group                           time
                               Travis                                   14/165                                    8:03
                               Wyatt                                   71/163                                    7:49
                                Brad                                    13/105                                    6:11

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