Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Friday night is the Firemen's Parade.  But before they all line up to drive the streets of Winchester, they meet at Millbrook High School.  During the day people can check out the restored vehicles and get inside some of the newer ones.  They even have an "obstacle course" competition for drivers.
I took the boys and our neighbor Sydney to check things out.
 Brad and Wyatt really liked this ambulance.  There were uniforms and other equiment in the back that you could see through the windows.  It was pretty cool.
 The kids in front of one of the old but restored trucks.
 A man asked the kids if they wanted to get inside this ambulance.  Of course they jumped at the opportunity.  He shared that his buddy owns this ambulance and is working to restore it.  He also taught us that at that time a company would buy a van and then spend time customizing the inside to serve their needs.  Who knew?  Now you buy an ambulance and it has everything in it already.
Another classic truck.

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