Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Light Post on Fire

Here's a way to close out Memorial Day!
We'd been over at the neighbors talking until about 8:30pm.  We told the kids to go in and shower to get ready for school tomorrow.  Sydney & Travis said their goodbyes and then headed in.  I went upstairs to fold clothes and kept smelling something burning.  I thought the other neighbors had made a fire in the fire pit so I didn't think anything of it --- until Ashley came over beating on the door.  Jake ran out to see what was up and that's when we all saw it.  The lamp post was on fire!
Thankfully Christie and Bryan (some of the neighbors in the culdesac) have dogs that were going bonkers.  Sydney heard the barking and looked out the window to see flames and smoke.  Then the adults got in on it.
We called the fire department, and the electric company.  We were a little disappointed because the fire truck didn't have its lights and sirens blazing, but they did give us a little honk (that scared the heck out of us) on their way out.

See the sparks spilling onto the ground? 
And that's no light bulb shining out of the light - that's flames!

The firemen said that our little episode was the most action they'd seen all day - aside from the cornhole competition they were having earlier at the station!

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teresa said...

Wow....fireworks and it's not even the 4th of July!!