Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Camping

We had a last-minute campout over the holiday weekend.  We kept the boys out of school on Friday and Jake and Frank took them up to Elizabeth Furnace in the National Forest to set up camp.  Good thing they got there before 8am because nearly every site was taken.
They spent the day fishing while Amber and I took care of things at home and headed up later in the evening.  The guys called around noon to tell us that they lock the gate to the campground at 9pm and that we needed to get there before then.  **Problem!**  I had a Girls Camp YCL meeting until 8:30 and it took at least 25 minutes to get to camp.  Eek!
So Amber and I threw the food and our other stuff in the back of the truck with the canoe and kayak and took off.  (We looked like the Clampitts going on vacation or something!)  All along we prayed that we'd get there on time.  Apparently Frank was praying too.  We got there at 9:10pm, but the campground host had to let the deputy sheriff out and allowed us in.  Thank goodness for answered prayers!
So after days of fishing, the guys only caught 1 fish to really shake a stick at.  But it was a good teaching tool for the boys.

Amber cooked the fish after we had dinner.  We all had a small piece, and it was delicious!  I'm glad to know that we could survive as long as we could catch our food!!! :)
Now when you burn a fire all day and into the night, you use a lot of firewood.  I took 2 bins full of wood with us when we went up, but we blew through that pretty quickly.  We even bought a couple of bundles from the 7-11 in town, but still ran out.  So the boys found a log and decided to cut it up for our last night.

Here's Frank splitting a piece with Travis beside him cutting his own kindling.
Jake took a few whacks at the log.

And Brad spent a bit of time hacking away.
I must say that when we camp, we eat pretty well. 
Jake cut up the watermelon that we ate with dinner the last night.
The biggest damper on the weekend was when Wyatt woke up on Sunday morning with poison ivy ALL OVER his face.  I took him to Urgent Care and got him on some meds.  Unfortunately he seems to have a reaction just from saying, "Poison Ivy."

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teresa said...

Wyatt, I feel your pain! I used to get that stuff EVERY summer just like clock work....not fun. Feel better soon!