Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally, White Stuff!

Yippee! We finally got some snow to speak of. Granted, it's nothing like you might find up north or out west, but it's something for VA. They were only calling for flurries today! That's the forecast for ya. When they say we'll get lots of snow, we get nothing. Yet when they call for nothing, we get something.

The kids are out of school anyway, so it doesn't matter that something's happening outside. Oh well, they'll miss plenty more school as the winter wears on!

Notice the tracks in our driveway? Yup, the prettiness is ruined. Why do you ask? Because Jake had to take a load of wood to his boss' house - even though Jake is battling the stomach bug and it's snowing. He asked that I pull the van out of the garage and pull up and then down by the car. I figured he'd want plenty of clearance coming out of the garage (and then going in again later), so I pulled up to the road. Bad idea! I almost didn't make it up the driveway to start with, and then I almost ended up in the neighbor's yard going back down. Jake ended up having to move the car (so I wouldn't slide into it) and shovel the back end of the driveway. Ooops! I don't know if I'm to blame because I didn't "listen" to what he said to do, or if he's to blame because he wasn't more clear on what he was thinking.

Oh well, it's over now - and maybe we can laugh about it in a day or two.

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