Thursday, January 15, 2009

What snow?

This time of year can be so irritating! At least once a week we have snow or ice forecasted. The school system gets all worried and has the kids go 2 hours late or closes school for no good reason. And what do we end up getting from the sky... not a lot!

This is the "snow" we got last night. The boys are to go 2 hours late to school today. Because Wyatt has 1/2 day kindergarten, he doesn't go to school. When they're 2 hours late, the kindergartens (am and pm) take turns going to school for altered school time. Wyatt went last week when they were 2 hours late, so this week morning kindergarten has their chance.

It stinks because there isn't even anything to send Wyatt out to play in this afternoon. And if he does go out, it'll just be a muddy mess. Ugh! Too bad he's not the one that needs new shoes, or we'd go shopping!

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