Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wyatt's Time Line

Wyatt has been reading a story about a chick.  Every day the chick changes a bit as it gets bigger.  Wyatt got the assignment to create his own timeline using pictures from every year of his life and giving detail of what he was doing in those pictures.  I apologize that the pictures are so dark, but I will copy the exact words that Wyatt wrote for each one.

"I am in a footdall caostum."
(I am in a football costume.)

"I am playe with trucs."
(I am playing with trucks.)

"I am on the roocks."
(I am on the rocks.)

"I am at cukices."
(I am at Chuck E. Cheese.)

"I am at a gofcors."
(I am at a golf course.)

"I am playe strwors."
(I am playing Star Wars.)

"I am capein alt."
(I am camping out.)

And this picture is for the future and what Wyatt sees himself doing when he's 25 years old.

"I am a plesman."
(I am a policeman.)

So there you have it.  Wyatt's life in a nutshell.  It cracks me up his spelling for things, but I love this phase of their lives when they're trying to figure out reading and writing.  Maybe one day he'll find it humorous too. :)


teresa said...

I enjoyed my "walk down memory lane". Great job Wy-man!

shortino said...

I see he doesn't share his brother's dream of having a pigment augmentation procedure and driving a tow truck.

Becky said...

Wyatt has a heart of gold! He's too smart to become a cop though, no offense to cops, I can just see Wyatt being a doctor or something like that.